Webforge’s Galvanised Steel Pipe

Steel pipes are quite susceptible to corrosion, as most of us are aware. Corrosion of steel as a material occurs when the iron content in the steel oxidises to form iron oxide. However, the carrion of the surface does not end there as the process continues until it eats away the entire pipe.

Galvanising the steel pipes protects the pipes from carrion, improving the pip’s longevity as well as making it perform its functions much better. However, the quality of galvanising workmanship and the procedures used also influence the quality of the final product.

At Webforge, they understand this fact and make it their responsibility to ensure that the quality of their workmanship is beyond reproach. They use the best and most efficient galvanising procedures to ensure that the products they supply their customer and clients with are of high-quality. Therefore, their clients need not fret over any galvanised steel pipe they purchase from them.

Webforge’s Manufacturing Of A Galvanised Steel Pipe

To ensure consistency and high-quality in their workmanship, Webforge uses an intricate galvanising method/procedure that keeps ensuring that every pipe that they sell is of the highest quality. The steps involved in the manufacture of a galvanised steel pipe at Webforge are:

#1. Surface Preparation – Surface preparation involves the pickling and cleaning the interior and or exterior surface of the pipes. Cleaning is done rid the pipe off dirt, grease, dust, rust or any other contaminant clinging on the surface of the pipe.

#2. Pre-fluxing – This is the second stage of the galvanisation involves dissolving the oxides that may have formed on the substrate of the pipe’s surface after the cleaning process.

#3. Galvanisation – The third stage involves immersing the pipes molten zinc. At this stage, the pipes are oxide free and clean, thus ensuring that the galvanisation process is not compromised.

#4. Finishing – Finally, finishing is done on the pipe such as branding.

Beyond the above intricate steps that yield high-quality galvanised steel pipes, the personnel at Webforge also take a concerted effort during fabrication to ensure that the pipes are properly designed to enable high-quality galvanisation.

The Advantages Of Using A Galvanised Steel Pipe From Webforge

In general, using galvanised steel pipe comes with some advantages. For instance, the galvanised steel pipe is extensively protected from corrosion. The zinc layer protects the pipe from atmosphere and elements such as UV rays and water. Additionally, the more electronegative zinc layer provides a cathodic layer protection. Galvanised pipes from Webforge are thus able poised to better withstand corrosion.

Aside from providing stock pipes that you need, Webforge also provides customised pipes that are specially designed to meet your needs. For instance, many treatment plants require the customised use pipes that cannot be bought off the shelf. Webforge works with the civil engineers working and the contractors to design and manufacture the pipes that they require. In this regard, you can contact Webforge to have a custom-designed and manufactured pipe that you cannot find in your local shops. Webforge has both the experience and manufacturing capabilities to do this.


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